Santa Anita 01-31-2015





Fresh off his big win yesterday, I will also include my dad’s Pick 4 selection today. While I had three out of four for the second day in a row he scored a $178 win with his meager $6 total bet. Father versus son today! While I like to mix in total bombs and spend a little extra he is all about the 1st and 2nd favorites, making his tickets usually very cheap to play. He’s on notice however! When I start getting as close as I have the big one soon follows! Today is a very interesting sequence for the $500k Guarantee Pick 4.



The Pick 4 today starts off in race 6 with five horses who every handicapper is talking about that have a chance. I actually like all the horses in here so I will talk about the one no one is talking about, #6 Chief Lion. For this race I am also taking the easy way out and hitting ALL. I can see my dad rolling his eyes in his head as he reads this! I found it hard to chose between the 1-5 horses and could make a case for each one. In a 6 horse race why do 5 when you can do ALL and hope for a bomb so that’s what I’m doing. Lion is taking a BIG leap in class and may very well be out of his league BUT if he gets the right scenario and a bit of luck anything can happen.




In the 7th race there is a clear favorite and likely single for many, the #4 Kaigun. Freshened two months since his win at Del Mar turf pro Corey Nakatani hops on board. I am also going to use the #9 Za Approval in here who was just behind Kaigun in that November race and then placed 4th in his last after a bad trip. I am also going to use #2 Home Run Kitten. I really like this horse. You always get value for your bet and feel like you have a chance with this horse as he is always in the mix.



In the 8th race today I am going boring and conservative with two horse on this one mile dirt race. Front runners are winning nicely on the dirt so far so with that in mind I will use #2 Maybellene. Red-hot Bejarano rides for Baffert who is starting to look like his horses are about to go on a roll. In fact I can’t believe I even debated also using the other Baffert in here with my least favorite tandem of Baffert/Garcia, the #7 Callback. This may be too much distance however. Instead I am going to go with the #6 Majestic Presence with Hoolendorfer and Stevens. Always in the mix perhaps today is her day.



Having loaded up in the earlier legs I am going two deep with one of those a price. The price horse being the 12-1 Blue Law from my favorite tandem of Desormeaux/Hess. He is moving to turf and stretching out and hopefully winning this race and the Pick 4 for us! The favorite in this race is the #7, Rockin Robin, who finished second here January 4th and legs up Gary Stevens. Stevens does not ride much these days but when he hops on a horse you pay attention, especially if its the favorite. The late double for Stevens today?



My bet today will cost $36







The Old Man, flush with cash from his win yesterday is actually spending more that a Starbucks coffee on his bet today, a big $15!








Good luck today!




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