Santa Anita 01-07-2016



El Nino has arrived with a bang and off tracks for the next 3 months are likely to be a common occurrence. Off tracks tend to see lots of favorites or lots of bombs win so it can be difficult putting together the right ticket for the right price. I usually like to keep my tickets small on such days. This Pick 4 is also capped with the most unreliable of races, an $8k claimer! You may have to change selections based on how the track plays in the early races. I will be looking to see if speed holds or closers have the upper hand.


Off track performance in the past may have me put in horses I normally would not( big bombs). Some horses like the slop! Also, there may be horses that are the greatest thing since sliced bread but if they ran a week prior or 2 weeks prior most of the time I wont use them or if I do it because I am going heavy in a leg of the sequence. They race horses with short breaks back East and we are starting to see it happen a little more here in So. Cal but for now that is my bias. Horses will run every day if you let them but I want my plays to have gas in the tank! I especially love seeing short turnaround horses as favorites – those are races I will look especially hard at for bombs.



A HUGE double carryover for the Pick today. I have a free Pick 6 ticket on my website as well.


The last leg today is $8k claimers if the sequence was not hard enough. There are actually some price horses in here with Off track success. First though if you need a single there is a “logical” one if you can call anything in $8k claimers logical in the #9 Mybabykim. She cruised to victory last out off the claim for the Dorf going 6. Today she runs further which is the one negative. She is also dropping off the win last out and gets the bug boy weight break. #10 Warrensdollarsigns has run second in her last two off 2 week breaks and its been 18 days since the last race. She owns a second place finish on an off track. This distance is longer though and this horses works are her races.  #11 Prettyhotprincess has won on an off track in his own start on one. #4 Racing for Chasen I would normally use BUT she ran 8 days ago.



Today’s Late Pick 4 will cost $27 with horses listed in preference.


8,1 (8 single to reduce ticket size if needed)


9,10,11 (9 single to reduce ticket size if needed)


When I have three horses selected in a Pick 4 or Pick 5 consider them for Trifecta boxes and for superfecta boxes use the 3 selections with the highest priced horse with good form or top tier jockeys riding, especially if they give a price. Rolling Pick 3 and doubles using selections.



Pick 6 suggested Ticket





1,4 (add 9 if bankroll allows)



Pick 5






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