Los Alamitos 07/03/2015


We chalked out the Pick 5 yesterday, a great way to start the new short meet while tripling our meager $27 investment. The late Pick 4, however, was bomb central. When handicapping at Los Al over the next 2 weeks pay close attention to home trained horses. Los Al runners found the Santa Anita track unfavorable for them and that saw a lot of bad races. The dirt is a little harder here and could bring a few price horses home!



Today’s Pick 4 will cost $18







Today’s Best Bet is in Race 7, the number 5 Marynetta. Marynetta’s trainer has some interesting stats: 39% second off a layoff, 32% all weather to dirt and 18% when shipping. A possible single in a Pick 4 if you want coverage in other legs. Has won 7/10 races on all weather and dirt since last August.



Pick 5


2,3,6 (4 on scratch of 6)





Trifecta boxes using the top 3 selections from each race and for superfecta boxes use the 3 selections with the highest priced horse with good form or top tier jockeys riding horses at a price. In the last race #3,6,9 for super hi five and 6,9 for superfecta box.

2 thoughts on “Los Alamitos 07/03/2015

  1. Great best bet # 5 R 7. If the9 isn’t,t bumped out of stride in R 4 9 wins. I hit 5/6 in p6 and p4 3 times. Thanks I solo 5 on all my tickets. Thanks , phil

    1. AWESOME! I love hearing winning stories like that – man that would have been a VERY nice pay on the Pk6 too, so close!

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