Del Mar 08-07-2015


YIKES! Need I say more about yesterday! The bombs are rolling in but to pick them you need to be drunk these days! Someone actually hit the $333k Pick 6 yesterday too. As my dad often jokes some of these winners this week have three legs! We knew this coming into this meet however. EVERYBODY loves to win at Del Mar so form kinda goes out the window many times.

In the first leg today  the shortest price is 9/2! You either have to take a stand with the favorite or hit the all button. I’m hitting all.

Today’s Late Pick 4 will cost $40 with horses listed in preference



9,1 (add 5 if you have the bankroll)



Pick 5







When I have three horses selected in a Pick 4 or Pick 5 consider them for Trifecta boxes and for superfecta boxes use the 3 selections with the highest priced horse with good form or top tier jockeys riding, especially if they give a price. Rolling Pick 3 and doubles using selections.

2 thoughts on “Del Mar 08-07-2015

  1. That’s the reason why I no longer wager at delmar. Time will come that more and more people will realized that and also stop betting at delmar.

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