Del Mar 07-16-2015



Its Del Mar season again! Last year was phenomenal for us on the Pick 4 with some huge payouts. In the summer meet Hess/Desormeaux dominated so be sure to watch this tandem closely this year. Hess is stabling even more horses at Del Mar for this upcoming season. The new dirt is ready and the turf course has now had a year to mature. The first couple of weeks at Del Mar tend to see a lot of big prices win. Every trainer, every owner wants to win at Del Mar so they usually have their horses cranked when they get here.  The fields are LOADED for opening week too with the smallest fields being 10 horses! The strategy will be to stick with our 3 in each race betting practice under $50 approach, the favorite and some live price horses. Good luck!


Bejarano chooses #2 Derby Glass and he had choices in the first leg so I will use. #7 Gangham Guy was ridden by Bejarano and he went elsewhere. Guy had a fast work this week but the hot jockey has spoken. #8 Flight Thru won last out, is favored here but is moving up in class. Bruce Headley is back at Del Mar with #1 Gold Monkey. A winner last out but moving up in class. The distance appears perfect. I like #10 Market Notes and Desormeaux rides. Both these horses are 12-1, use both if you can afford it.


In race 8, #10 Papacoolpapacool from D’amato with Stevens riding drops after a bad race last out after winning 4 in a row. #11 Soul Driver with Smith riding will be favored. I’m only going 2 deep here but if you got extra to use then add in #5 and #7.


In race 9 the fav only wins 20% BUT the winner is 5-1 or less 87% so I will look at top choices here. #7 Illuminant has a sharp recent work for a trainer 40% second off a layoff and a 5-1 price. #10 Midnight  Belle attracts Bejarano off a layoff from a well bet debut. Remember trainers and owner’s want to win here so normal layoff concerns get ignored. #3 Seaward Cottage from Hess/Desormeaux is one I must use after my intro today. A sharp workout plus a price! #11 Gloryzapper from D’amato has a fast work and can be considered too.


From a nine race sample the fav here in the last leg is in the money 89% of the time. Bejarano rides #12 Unusually Green the fav and you know he had options here meaning a must use.  I really like #3 Global Magician but this distance is new even though close last out. Talamo rides #2 Fritz Johnson who was last ridden by Bejarano. Talamo in a spot like this is dangerous. #6 Los Gatos from Espinoza and Gaines is a must use at a price. Gaines wins 26% last maiden too.


Today’s Late Pick 4 will cost $36 with horses listed in preference






When I have three horses selected in a Pick 4 or Pick 5 consider them for Trifecta boxes and for superfecta boxes use the 3 selections with the highest priced horse with good form or top tier jockeys riding, especially if they give a price.

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  1. It would be nice to see your selections for the Pick5 & Pick6, to cover all the races. Keep up the good work!!

  2. I been following you for awhile , and love your comment on your selection.

    BTW – Didn’t happen to see your “Best Bet”

    Great Job

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