08-16-2018 Del Mar Full Card

A 4 horse race with a 1-2 odds on favorite with Prat riding so of course the horse lost and caused us another 3 of 4 Pick 4 day on Wednesday. After the other sure horse scratched how could you not single the 6! Well we saw how!


We are starting to see a lot of favorites and odds on ones at that, falter and burn up punters money in the last several days and annihilate our winning tickets . However, this should be viewed as a good thing especially as we hit the mid-point of the summer season. We are focused on Pick 4 and Pick 5 bets and we want those longshots to come home as it means we get those very nice W2-G forms to fill out. Into this weekend I am going to be looking to focus on putting more price horses in the sequences and perhaps upping the bet amounts. Of course we are going to need to rely on some odds on/favorite singles so we can spread those longshots in. Hopefully we start to see worthy favorites do what they are supposed to do and win! Today both my Pick 4 and Pick 5 center on a single in race 5 because, well I did not have a great feel of the card!


If you are at Del Mar this summer be sure to stop by the Newcomers Seminar and say hello as I will be hosting it each Sunday one hour before the first race at the main entrance.




Pick 4 I need a single is race  –  same as Pick 5


Pick 5 I need a single is in race 5 Michievious Lass in a race where if this gal does not win it is so wide open. Baltas claimed last out and he is 25% 1st off the claim, 30% beaten favorite, best late pace, speed as good as everyone else in here and that Fig weight break should be the difference maker today




Longshots of the Day:

Race 2: John and Montan, Koriner and Pereira are winning 28% and 44% ITM and Koriner is 25% going turf to dirt and the rail is winning 25% and we get 12-1 or more

Race 4: Famous Rock Star, was rank early and fought against the rider and even though 5th that day lost by a length. We get a sharp workout


Today’s Late Pick 4 beginning in race 5 will cost $12 with horses listed in preference.






Today’s Early Pick 5 beginning in race 1 will cost $48 with horses listed in preference

6,4 (1)






Horses listed in brackets are for added coverage if wanted and for exotics.

For races where I only have one or two selections I usually like to KEY the top choice  with the second choice and an outside for trifectas.


When I have three horses selected in a Pick 4 or Pick 5 consider them for Trifecta boxes and for superfecta boxes use the 3 selections with the highest priced horse with good form or top tier jockeys riding, especially if they give a price. Rolling Pick 3 and doubles using selections.


Irish horse racing saying –

“Bíonn grásta Dé idir an dialait agus an talamh.”

“The grace of God is found between the saddle and the ground.”