06-03-2017 Santa Anita Free Plays

Hopefully readers of the free card yesterday were able to hit that Late Pick 4 that paid an okay $330 on the larger ticket. I of course opted to go cheap and went 3 of 4 losing the last race to the #6 who I left off my ticket. Close but not cigar! I like both sequences today and I have a nice mix of favorites and longshots to ensure a decent payout when we hit at a reasonably cheap price! The Pick 4 today has a couple of Graded Stakes races too but one of them has been reduced to a 3 horse race. For the Late Pick 4 if it chalks out the payout will be $20-30 perhaps and my lowest ticket is $24. I also have a $54 ticket with a couple of longshots and doing all in the Shoemaker even though Stellar Wind is a likely single.



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Possible singles today:

In race 2 XXX


In race 4 Algorhythmic has won the last 2 races on the Hill and is 3-1-1 from 7 starts. Talamo is 43% for this trainer as well.


Longshots of the Day: Win/place bets on these

Race 1: XX

Race 4: XXX

Race 6: Scatter the Moon, ships in with a sharp work from Tup and Steven’s hops on for Pearson who is 18% shipping

Race 9: XXX


Today’s Late Pick 4 will cost $24 or $54 with horses listed in preference.

4,1 (3)


1,2 (4)  – Singling Stellar Wind makes the ticket $27 using all selections



Today’s Pick 5 will cost $8 with horses listed in preference.








Horses listed in brackets are for added coverage if wanted and for exotics.


For races where I only have one or two selections I usually like to KEY the top choice  with the second choice and an outside for trifectas.


When I have three horses selected in a Pick 4 or Pick 5 consider them for Trifecta boxes and for superfecta boxes use the 3 selections with the highest priced horse with good form or top tier jockeys riding, especially if they give a price. Rolling Pick 3 and doubles using selections.


Irish horse racing saying –

“Bíonn grásta Dé idir an dialait agus an talamh.”

“The grace of God is found between the saddle and the ground.”