06-01-2024 Santa Anita Free Pick 4

Nine races for the Saturday card. My early Pick 5 and my late Pick 4 are both way more than I usually like but I feel that if I connect they can pay handsomely today.

Race 9: Belle Cherie –  big early speed making the 2nd start off the layoff for Callaghan and owner Kaleem. I always like using these guys late in a Pick 4 sequence. Huge trainer stats 2nd off a big layoff – win they win its on big prices.

Today’s Race 6  $0.50 Late Pick 4 will cost $160 with horses listed in preference    

Race 6:  2,1,3,4

Race 7:  3,7,4,6,5

Race 8:  2,9,8,7Race 9:  2,4,6,3

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